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all about design. always about great sources.

we create space in your image.

is all about design now. We,
Susan Eubank and Karen Snyder, are using our eye to create space in your image. Our great sources, which we have cultivated over the 15 years in the antiques world, are now yours. We have moved from our long-time home in Georgetown, and are now happily settled in Susan's Capitol Hill carriage house. Our partnership, in the antiques and design business, since 1994 is thriving. We still "cherry-pick" our sources from Boston to Atlanta...but now IT IS FOR YOUR HOME or OFFICE. The next time we comb the famous Paris marche aux puces (flea market), it will be to bring a dazzling collection of antiques and objets especially selected for you and your space. Fresh, innovative and remarkably affordable, cherry offers a relaxed style with a comfortable feel.  Our work and beautiful furnishings can be seen throughout homes in Washington, DC, New York and Florida.  Most notably, the historic Camp David can be counted among the places where cherry has recently placed furnishings from our collection.
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